Start your healthy diet today! We’ll get you started.

You may remember learning about healthy diets as a child. Perhaps numerous times across your childhood. But how much of that information do you actually remember? I know I didn’t remember much at all. But if you want to start eating healthy now, we have you covered! And don’t worry, it’s not as difficult as you might think.

The first part of an easy diet is easy. Just make sure you stay hydrated. It’s recommended that an adult drink 2 litres of water every day. Many people fall way short of this. Don’t overlook the benefits to both your physical and mental health.


The first component of a health diet is eating plenty of fresh vegetables. Vegetables are packed with essential nutrients. They contain vitamins, antioxidants, fibre and calcium complex carbohydrates. Vegetables like broccoli, celery, carrots, spinach, beets, turnips and tomatoes are rich in these vitamins and minerals. Not only do these provide great nutritional, they take more time for the stomach to break them down. This might sound like a bad thing but, it just means that they keeping you energized throughout the day. Not only that but you will actually burn calories breaking them down! They will help your body function at its best and maintain a healthy weight. A well-balanced diet rich in fruits and vegetables helps you stay away from certain health problems. Eating a diet rich in vegetables helps prevent heart disease, cardiovascular disease, cancer and a number of other conditions and diseases.


Berries and fruits are an excellent source of fibre. Fruits with high-fibre content are take longer to digest and increase the rate of metabolism. This helps your body to burn calories faster. Additionally they will keep you feeling full for a longer time and prevent fat gain.

Any credible source will highly recommend vegetables as part of an overall healthy diet. Low in calories and with very low-fat content, fruits and vegetables are great additions. However, you should keep in mind their serving sizes. It is important that you eat these in moderation to avoid overeating.

In addition to fruits and vegetables, researchers found that olive oil has high contents of antioxidant compounds. Antioxidants help rid the body of harmful free radicals that can cause damage to vital organs. Researchers also discovered that olive oil contains high levels of monounsaturated fat, which is essential for good cardiovascular health. Another nutrient-rich food is nuts, which contain healthy fatty acids and fibre. Nuts also help lower cholesterol and prevent heart diseases.

Whole Grains & Carbohydrates

Whole grains are full of carbohydrates. The media might make you believe that carbohydrates are bad for you but this is not true at all. Carbohydrates are your largest source of energy. Many diets advocate low or zero carb diets and while this can work, it will often leave you feeling fatigued. Of course too much will not be good for you, but that goes for anything no matter how healthy. Whole grain foods include pasta, bread, cereal, rice and potatoes. They provide you with steady slow energy throughout the day. This is the reason they are often recommended to be a key part of your breakfast.

When shopping for grains, it is important to make sure that you are buying the grains have low-sugar content. Grains such as oats, barley, quinoa, couscous and bulgur are some examples of high quality grains. Looking for bread products? Choose one made from whole-wheat flour. You will be able to eat that bread without worrying about unhealthy additives. Paleo bread is a great choice.

Meat & Protein

Protein is another key part of any healthy diet. Protein is used to build up and repair the body. The proteins themselves are made up amino acids. These amino acids are sometimes referred to as chemical building blocks. Amino acids are important as your body requires them to build and repair muscles and bone. Your body also uses them to make hormones and enzymes. Getting enough protein should help you feel more more energised and will help your immune system fight off diseases. The muscle building properties are why high protein products and protein supplements are so popular amongst gym goers.

Meats, like chicken, pork and beef are the most common and largest sources of protein. Fish and eggs, perhaps unsurprisingly, are also fantastic sources of protein. If you a vegetarian or vegan then making sure you get enough a protein can be a little more tricky. Of course there is the easiest solution of taking protein supplements but there are some options if you want to obtain it naturally. Tofu, Chickpeas and lentils are great sources of protein that make a good base to a meal.

For snacks, nuts such as walnuts, almonds, cashews, peanuts, chestnuts and hazelnuts are very recommended. A diet rich with nuts improves better management and immunity against diseases.

What should you avoid?

So we know what you should be eating. But what should you be avoiding? It’s generally quite easy to spot the unhealthy food. Anything high in free sugars (glucose, fructose and sucrose) and saturated fats you should try to avoid. Well you don’t need to avoid them entirely, but definitely try limiting them. Unfortunately, a lot of the foods we all love to eat are not the healthy ones. However if you commit to a healthy diet, you begin to appreciate the healthy flavours more. And that’s the icing on the cake of feeling physically and mentally stronger and energised.

Keep it balanced!

It’s all about balancing your diet so it’s important to add lots of fruits and vegetables in your daily meals. The most recommended diet pyramid would be a mix of whole grains, fruits and vegetables. To achieve the healthful aspect of these diets, moderation is key. Eating too much may cause unnecessary side effects so keep portions low and enjoy!

The benefits of having a healthy balanced diet goes far beyond simple weight loss and healthy heart disease prevention. Eating a well-balanced diet is essential for a healthy lifestyle and overall well-being. It also helps in improving mental health, reduces risks of depression, diabetes and other heart diseases. Eating healthy helps reduce stress and anxiety. The longer one engages in a balanced diet, the more at ease he becomes. Consuming too much saturated fat, sugar and salt can cause many physical disorders.

To top off your new healthy diet, try some exercise. A healthy diet and good regular exercise really go hand in hand. Some even argue that exercise is even more important for your physical and mental health than a perfect diet. You should be getting at 30 minutes of exercise everyday. But that could be as simple as walking to or from work. But if you really care to eat healthy, try get couple real sessions of exercise a week. That can be a run, a bike ride, or a trip to the gym. If that all sounds too boring for you, take up a sport. Its much easier to stay motivated to keep exercising when you are actually enjoying whatever it is you are doing. Just remember to stay hydrated!

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Viagra to treat Erectile Dysfunction. Should you use it?

Viagra is usually a prescription only medication to help men with erectile dysfunction. There are a number of other drugs that are intended to achieve the same goal. Common examples include Cialis and Levitra, but there more. Whether you need a prescription to get Viagra depends on the country you live in. There however other, generally less effective options that you can purchase over the counter, again depending on country.

There is a large number of men who do not require it, but use it anyway. It allows men to simply maintain longer and harder erections or increase sensitivity. The latter is actually more common in women, in whom the increased blood flow can result in much greater sensitivity.

How erections work and how Viagra can help

There are two cylindrical masses of soft erectile tissue in the penis, corpus cavernosa, surrounded by muscle. When these muscles relax, they allow for blood flow into the tissue, resulting in an erection. The muscles relax when a signal from the brain is received, which is sent when sexually aroused.

When a man suffers from Erectile Dysfunction (ED), the signal from the brain that inform the corpus cavernosa to relax is either not there, or limited. What Viagra and over ED drugs do, is relax the walls of your blood vessels. This allows for greater blood flow into the erectile tissue, which of course, results in an erection.

It takes around 30 minutes to an hour for the effect to kick in. The effect will persist for 2 or 3 hours before it begins to decline. I can last in full, up to 5 hours, possibly longer. However, how long it lasts and the effectiveness of the drug, of course like all drugs, can vary depending of variety factors. Of course by dosage, but also age, diet, exercise, general health, or any other medications or substances. Interestingly it can also be effected by the mental state of the user. Anxiety, depression and discomfort can all reduce the effects.

When will a Doctor prescribe Viagra?

Most often, a Doctor will be reluctant to prescribe Viagra. While it isn’t exactly dangerous, it can definitely have adverse effects. Even if a Doctor does give a prescription, they will most likely suggest lifestyle changes over the drug. Having a healthy, balanced diet can have a massive impact on your ability to maintain an strong erection. They will also most often strongly recommend regular exercise. Exercise and muscle gain, can both result in better blood flow throughout the body.

If the cause of erectile Dysfunction is the result of mental health, your Doctor will likely write you a prescription. However they will often suggest that you visit a therapist. They will also provide you with information on improving your mental health.

Side effects

Finally, there are some noteworthy side effects of Viagra. Headaches, stomach aches and dizziness are among the most common. Blurry vision, greater light sensitivity, or even difficulty differentiating green and blue colours are other possible side effects.

A very rare side effect of the drug reduced vision in either 1 or both of your eyes. It can be quite sudden and the result can sometimes be permanent blinding. The risk is slightly elevated if the you have high blood pressure, are over 50 or a smoker. High cholesterol, diabetes as well as Heart Disease can also increase the chances.

Taking too much Viagra can result in Priapism. Priapism is a prolonged, most often very painful erection. Should this happen you visit a medical professional as soon as possible.

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The Vape. Don’t jump on the bandwagon just yet.

Recently vaping has become a popular alternative to traditional smoking. But is there a difference? Many argue in favour of the new trendy device. We do not. Not only is vaping not a healthier option than smoking, it brings with it its own new problems.

Vaping nicotine juices over smoking cigarettes carries the exact same threat of addiction as smoking. Those who use these products irresponsibly run the risk of developing an addiction just like cigarettes. While it isn’t much of a issue or even a negative to seasoned smokers, vapes are much more attractive to children than cigarettes are. Combine this with their unregulated marketing, and you get a product that may be getting a new generation addicted to nicotine. Something governments around the world have been working to reduce for decades. Even if vaping was a ‘healthier’ alternative, it is introducing many impressionable kids and young adults to a dangerous habit. Furthermore, a large number of those who start by vaping end up smoking anyway.

Arguments stating that vaping is healthier . Compared to cigarettes, vape juices contain the same if not greater amounts of tobacco and nicotine. They also contain a variety of new chemicals. Research has yet to really determine the effects of these chemicals.

Arguments Against Vape Pens

There are however, also arguments specifically against vaping. One is that electronic cigarettes are more of a gateway drug than traditional cigarettes. If this sounds strange, I’ll explain. The essence of the argument is that it is no more difficult to purchase cannabis based vape juice than any other.

Many are concerned about the potential long term effects of vaping. Since vaping is something still relatively new, we don’t know that what effects it might have on the body long term. Vaping has vastly grown in popularity in the past decade. It may take a couple more to know for sure that they are no unknown side effects. Although that said, it does seem unlikely.

E-juice is made from a blend of propylene glycol, sweetened with flavourings, and sometimes sugar as well. These ingredients are all highly processed and at best have no nutritional value There is no regulating agency in place to ensure the purity of these materials. As a result, there is every chance that Vaping could cause all kinds of health risks. There is the potential for cheap juices to be even more dangerous than cigarettes.

False claims and bad arguments

While I am not in favour of vaping, there are many false and poor arguments against vaping. I will talk about a few here, as I don’t perpetuating these arguments is helping our cause. Whether you agree with me or not, it is useful to know about these arguments. Make sure you do your own research and question people when they make arguments. Especially if they do not provide you with a reputable source.

Many claim that the chemicals found in cigarette juice may cause cancer. Another claim is that the ingredients may also interfere with the immune system. For this reason, Vaping over smoking cigarettes would make the user more susceptible to illness and disease. E-juices also contain artificial flavouring agents that can be harmful to the body. While these claims aren’t uncommon, they are completely unfounded. There is zero evidence to support any of these conjectures.

Another argument against vapes is that the danger of them suddenly exploding. This is actually not a baseless argument. There are multiple examples throughout the world of this happening and killing the unfortunate victims. However, will extreme and off-putting for many, these examples are extremely rare. You are statistically more likely to die from smoking before age 50, than to die from a vape explosion. Moreover almost of these incidents, happened with cheap and low quality vapes. So you can at least improve your immediate safety by ensuring you purchase a quality product. Although that risk is always there.

Avoid vape pens if you can

There is no evidence to say that they don’t cause any other issues that we may be unaware of. Of course you can never know for sure, but there has so far been little research into the effects. If there are benefits to something, like medication or vaccines, even recreational drugs, then understand taking the risk. But I don’t see the benefits of vaping. I don’t understand using products with risky untested chemicals, if there is little benefit to doing so. But regardless of that, there are still the very well understood dangers of tobacco, nicotine and other chemicals that are shared between smoking and vaping.

To credit vaping a little, it is cheaper than smoking, even with the rather hefty cost of the device itself. So if you are already a smoker perhaps that is worth your consideration. However since there is little evidence to suggest that, vaping helps you quit nicotine, its really the only benefit. If you are vaping only cannabis, then there may actually be value to you investing in a vape. This is especially true if you smoke with tobacco, as there is no need for it when you are vaping. Although I personally am not in favour of cannabis, it may be beneficial for those of you who smoke it. For everyone else however, I do not recommend investing in a vape pen. It carries many of the same risks as smoking, along with some new ones.

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Cannabis, läkemedel eller knark?

Cannabis, även kallad marijuana, weed eller pot, bland andra titlar, är den mest använda rekreationsdrogen i världen. Det är åtminstone om vi utesluter alkohol. Det psykotropa läkemedlet, som kommer från en växt med samma namn, är en av de säkraste läkemedlen i världen. Även om människor oftast använder det som en rekreationsdrog, använder många andra det för medicinska ändamål. Även om det finns en del debatt, säger de mest ansedda källorna att det är ännu säkrare än alkohol. Uppgifterna säkerhetskopierar detta också. Trots detta är det fortfarande olagligt i de flesta länder över hela världen. Denna artikel kommer att försöka titta på några av de vanligaste argumenten för och emot legalisering av cannabis.

Cannabis och handklovar

Argument mot cannabis

Det vanligaste argumentet mot cannabis är det faktum att det kan vara beroendeframkallande. Människor kan bli mycket beroende av drogen. Detta är definitivt sant. Det finns dock en viktig skillnad att göra här. Även om du kan bli beroende av cannabis, betyder det inte att det är ett beroendeframkallande ämne. Du kan utveckla ett beroende av nästan vad som helst. Du kan utveckla ett beroende av alkohol, shopping eller choklad, trots att inget av dessa i sig är beroendeframkallande. Ämnen som nikotin eller heroin är i sig beroendeframkallande ämnen som din kropp kommer att växa beroende av. Cannabis är inte så här.

Ett annat vanligt argument mot användningen av cannabis kretsar kring idén att Cannabis är ett “gateway drug”. Vad betyder det här? Argumentet antyder att de som använder det är mer benägna att testa andra starkare, farligare droger. Vissa tror att det är mer sannolikt att människor kommer att börja använda kokain, ketamin, meth eller till och med heroin i framtiden.

Ett intressant argument är att eftersom tonåringar tenderar att göra uppror och engagera sig i tabuaktiviteter, skulle cannabis vara lagligt och vanligt förekommande i stället att de istället drar mot farligare alternativ, som de tidigare nämnda drogerna. Detta är dock i bästa fall ett tvivelaktigt påstående. Det finns inga studier som verkligen stöder eller förnekar detta påstående.

Det finns några olika ståndpunkter för anhängare av legalisering. Vissa tror att hälsofördelarna med cannabis helt enkelt överväger riskerna, så det borde vara lagligt. Vissa förnekar alla negativ som människor hävdar om drogen. Och slutligen anser en minoritet att alla fritidsdroger ska vara lagliga. De tror att det borde vara upp till individen att fatta sitt eget beslut istället för sin regering.

Personliga erfarenheter

Många hävdar att det finns bestämda risker för att utveckla psykologiska problem som ångest, psykos och depression när du röker cannabis. Forskning är inte avgörande, men majoriteten av studierna varken stöder eller motbevisar detta påstående.

Trots detta rapporterar vissa människor att de är beroende av sina cannabisvanor. Anledningarna till detta varierar mycket. Vissa människor tycker att de helt enkelt blir vana vid drogen och inte kan fungera utan den. Detta är särskilt vanligt för personer som använder ämnet för att hjälpa till med sömn, självförtroende eller umgänge. De har ofta svårt att sluta använda det om de har försökt undvika dessa problem med läkemedlet. Detta kan gälla alla ämnen eller aktiviteter som gör att någon kan undvika något som de tycker är svårt. Andra kan helt enkelt ha tagit drogen för länge och haft svårt att gå av. Vissa vanliga användare har rapporterat att tro att cannabis inte kan vara beroendeframkallande, faktiskt leder till missbruk.

Förutom de kortvariga fysiska effekterna finns det också några långsiktiga psykiska hälsoeffekter som du bör vara medveten om, både positiva och negativa. Människor som har tagit cannabis regelbundet har rapporterat en ökad ångest såväl som depression. Men många hävdar regelbundet det motsatta; att de använder drogen för att hjälpa till med dessa psykiska problem. Det verkar tydligt att det definitivt är möjligt att missbruka och missbruka cannabis. Ofta missbrukar folk det och tror att läkemedlet aldrig kan ha en negativ effekt på dem.

Hur använder människor cannabis?

Om du bestämmer dig för att röka cannabis finns det många alternativ för dig att göra det säkert. Den vanligaste metoden är att rulla ämnet till en fog, precis som hur du rullar tobak. Rökning från rör som kallas bongs har varit populär i många år. Rökning i ett slutet område som en bil eller ett hus är också populärt. Denna metod förhindrar att rök tränger ut så att rökaren andas in mer av det. De kan uppnå en starkare höjd utan att behöva använda mer av ämnet. Detta kallas hotboxing. Det görs vanligtvis med två eller fler personer.

Det är viktigt att inse att medan cannabis diskuteras är det inte det enda läkemedlet där ute. Kokain, ketamin, ecstasy och syra är alla populära illegala droger. Om cannabis blir lagligt, kommer ett av dessa att vara nästa ämne för legalisering? Verkar långt hämtat nu, men kanske om ett decennium eller två.

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