The Vape. Don’t jump on the bandwagon just yet.

Recently vaping has become a popular alternative to traditional smoking. But is there a difference? Many argue in favour of the new trendy device. We do not. Not only is vaping not a healthier option than smoking, it brings with it its own new problems.

Vaping nicotine juices over smoking cigarettes carries the exact same threat of addiction as smoking. Those who use these products irresponsibly run the risk of developing an addiction just like cigarettes. While it isn’t much of a issue or even a negative to seasoned smokers, vapes are much more attractive to children than cigarettes are. Combine this with their unregulated marketing, and you get a product that may be getting a new generation addicted to nicotine. Something governments around the world have been working to reduce for decades. Even if vaping was a ‘healthier’ alternative, it is introducing many impressionable kids and young adults to a dangerous habit. Furthermore, a large number of those who start by vaping end up smoking anyway.

Arguments stating that vaping is healthier . Compared to cigarettes, vape juices contain the same if not greater amounts of tobacco and nicotine. They also contain a variety of new chemicals. Research has yet to really determine the effects of these chemicals.

Arguments Against Vape Pens

There are however, also arguments specifically against vaping. One is that electronic cigarettes are more of a gateway drug than traditional cigarettes. If this sounds strange, I’ll explain. The essence of the argument is that it is no more difficult to purchase cannabis based vape juice than any other.

Many are concerned about the potential long term effects of vaping. Since vaping is something still relatively new, we don’t know that what effects it might have on the body long term. Vaping has vastly grown in popularity in the past decade. It may take a couple more to know for sure that they are no unknown side effects. Although that said, it does seem unlikely.

E-juice is made from a blend of propylene glycol, sweetened with flavourings, and sometimes sugar as well. These ingredients are all highly processed and at best have no nutritional value There is no regulating agency in place to ensure the purity of these materials. As a result, there is every chance that Vaping could cause all kinds of health risks. There is the potential for cheap juices to be even more dangerous than cigarettes.

False claims and bad arguments

While I am not in favour of vaping, there are many false and poor arguments against vaping. I will talk about a few here, as I don’t perpetuating these arguments is helping our cause. Whether you agree with me or not, it is useful to know about these arguments. Make sure you do your own research and question people when they make arguments. Especially if they do not provide you with a reputable source.

Many claim that the chemicals found in cigarette juice may cause cancer. Another claim is that the ingredients may also interfere with the immune system. For this reason, Vaping over smoking cigarettes would make the user more susceptible to illness and disease. E-juices also contain artificial flavouring agents that can be harmful to the body. While these claims aren’t uncommon, they are completely unfounded. There is zero evidence to support any of these conjectures.

Another argument against vapes is that the danger of them suddenly exploding. This is actually not a baseless argument. There are multiple examples throughout the world of this happening and killing the unfortunate victims. However, will extreme and off-putting for many, these examples are extremely rare. You are statistically more likely to die from smoking before age 50, than to die from a vape explosion. Moreover almost of these incidents, happened with cheap and low quality vapes. So you can at least improve your immediate safety by ensuring you purchase a quality product. Although that risk is always there.

Avoid vape pens if you can

There is no evidence to say that they don’t cause any other issues that we may be unaware of. Of course you can never know for sure, but there has so far been little research into the effects. If there are benefits to something, like medication or vaccines, even recreational drugs, then understand taking the risk. But I don’t see the benefits of vaping. I don’t understand using products with risky untested chemicals, if there is little benefit to doing so. But regardless of that, there are still the very well understood dangers of tobacco, nicotine and other chemicals that are shared between smoking and vaping.

To credit vaping a little, it is cheaper than smoking, even with the rather hefty cost of the device itself. So if you are already a smoker perhaps that is worth your consideration. However since there is little evidence to suggest that, vaping helps you quit nicotine, its really the only benefit. If you are vaping only cannabis, then there may actually be value to you investing in a vape. This is especially true if you smoke with tobacco, as there is no need for it when you are vaping. Although I personally am not in favour of cannabis, it may be beneficial for those of you who smoke it. For everyone else however, I do not recommend investing in a vape pen. It carries many of the same risks as smoking, along with some new ones.

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